Wisconsin Pt. 1

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageClear Water, WI : 10 Thoughts, Observations, Recollections

1. The purpose of the ride was threefold :

Pt. A – Reconnaissance of the first seventy-or-so miles of the complete Wisconsin Attempt. A 400mi, self-supported attempt to cross the state of Wisconsin in 48 hours.

Pt. B – To see a sunrise while pedaling a bicycle.

Pt. C – To see what riding with little rest, during the middle of the night feels like (hint : not the greatest).

2. Birds begin chirping around 4 AM along the Mississippi River Valley.

3. Truth – Alexander

4. Things Google Maps Should Take Into Account :

a – The aerodynamic ramifications of the Swift Industries Ozette Rando Bag

b – The proliferation of the Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll in local gas stations

c – ‘Fun’

d – The aggression of the local bird populace

5. Walking into the Handy Mart in Bay City, WI shortly before the Bay City Church Climb. Upon entering and making my way towards the restroom, three truckers and one woman (who I assume was the waitress) stopped talking and stared as I made my way past. Once in the restroom, I could make out what they said about this ‘intruder’ quite easily. It was entertaining to say the least.

6. The decision to have that ice cream sandwich in Plum City, WI was the right one.

7. If you see a ‘Fresh-Picked Strawberries’ sign and think to yourself that it’d be a good idea to pick up a quart, it’s not.

8. The joy and speed that Big Coulee Rd. brought to the ride was most certainly worth all of the hell that was US Route 10.

9. The Mississippi has it’s own sound. It is deep and goes on the length of the river. It’s reaches across the valley and holds the night in it’s grasp. Although you are on dry land, it is the River that captures your imagination and carries you along. The undulations of the road mimic the current and lead you on through the morning. It comforts and welcomes. I can only imagine how it must have felt to discover this beast in the heart of such a wild land.

10. What sounds like rain but is super gross? Black gnats.

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