Podiumwear: Case Studies – Three Stars Cycles

‘I turn my attention to the workbench and talk with Josh about my own bike he’s building up, which now sits in a vice. He sits down, plays a bit with the knobs on the gas tanks and lights the torch. Flipping his glasses down, he places a small ring of metal on the top of the headtube and begins to braze it on. The light is intense, but he’s provided goggles so I can see the brilliant light do it’s work – it’s something else to see metal melting, becoming a part of the larger frame. Just like that, it’s done, and Josh is back to filing down the excess.

A skilled hand at work, indeed.

“I take things apart more than I put them together. It’s something I didn’t expect coming into this.”

As he works away at the newly added-to headtube, Josh mentions this off hand. Just as before, it’s something I didn’t expect to hear, but it’s true. The image of the silent Craftsman working away to create a thing of beauty has been largely washed away – it’s a much louder art than I expected. He eyes his work like many other artists I’ve met; with a healthy dose of skepticism. Doubting one’s own ability might be just as important as confidence; you’re always your worst critic.’

– Excerpt from Podiumwear Case Study: Three Stars Cycles

If you remember, I wrote a piece about local kit producer, Podiumwear. They’ve been nothing but supportive of the Musette and our events, even producing the lovely KOM jerseys that we handed out at the first Pleasant Street KOM. Well, now I get to do something for them. Once a month, I’ll be writing a piece highlighting one of their illustrious clients, which will be featured on their site under the ‘Case Study’ moniker. The first two are up, with Three Stars Cycles finishing up this next week. Go on over and give their logo a click, they’re good people.

And speaking of Three Stars, Mr. Kruck’s been up to some awfully rad stuff. We’ll have more about his frames up on the Musette, and maybe give ya’ll a peek at the first Musette X Three Stars frameset. I know I’m stoked.

Okay, that’s your Monday Post. Now go on out there and get acclimated to Winter. We’ve got a long season ahead of us.


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