Back At It

‘Alright! Spin em up!’

It’s like walking into school after a long Summer Break. You still have your tan lines and aren’t quite ready for barrage of new knowledge that’s heading your way; but you’ve got your new gear, and it’s shiny and nice to look at so that helps. Plus – there’s the friends that you remember, and new people to meet. It’s a net positive in the end. I’ve always loved September for that reason, a month removed it still retains it’s potency.

The learning here is a bit different, however. We teach our minds as much as our bodies, stressing them just a bit beyond our reach. Right now it’s all Threshold work, Over/Unders – that sort of thing. Keep it at that 100% and not too much higher. Soon we’ll have the first quiz and then you’ll know where you stand, and just how much you lost goofing off those last few months. 30 Minutes as hard as you can go over a pre-determined course.

You’ll never work yourself harder than you will at The Fix – even in the heat of racing other’s will falter and give you a second’s rest. No – at Larry’s you squeeze out every last ounce. Every last watt is driven from your legs like a broom against a rug until you’re laying flat on the floor, wondering how the hell you’ll do this again.

Drink your chocolate milk and wipe that sweat off your face; Class is in session.


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