#SweetBikeBro – Mattio’s Humble Frameworks CX

Welcome to a new Feature Post of the Musette – ‘Sweet Bike Bro’. Because sometimes your Bro has a sweet bike. Maybe it’s not the flashiest, or the fanciest, or the newest – but it’s still pretty sweet. So here’s lookin’ at you, Bro (or Broette) and your sweet bike.



We’re gonna kick Sweet Bike Bro off with a bang. My good friend, Mattio, is a man who appreciates finer things. Finer bikes, even. His Humble Frameworks CX is a fine bicycle. A carbon Alpha Q keeps it nice and light for the race season, where a lovely steel fork converts the steed into more of a light touring rig, perfect for rambling down the East Coast. I was kind of maybe falling in love with the pewter finish Campy all over this bad boy, but it’s wrong to lust after another man’s things. No matter how pewter finish-y and Italian-as-shit they may be. All the photos after the cut.


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