I took off before I even realize what I was doing.

‘I’m not going to go for it, I’ll just lead em out’

Downshift. Then again. I jumped as hard as I could, just to catch them off their guard. See if anyone was awake. They weren’t.

Just about ten seconds into the thing and I sneak a peek. There’s been some reaction. The burning hasn’t registered yet. The cells screaming out for oxygen as watts are forced out of their unwilling forms. It’s too early for this. But maybe that’s why it will work.

Twenty seconds in and another downshift. Nowhere to go anymore but forward. I’ve spun out going downhill and hit the corner as fast as I’ve ever dared before. A question forms in the chaos that is my thought process.


No one will remember this. ‘Luck’ they’ll say. ‘We weren’t going for this one’ or ‘Too early in the season’ they’ll rationalize. Maybe even a ‘Liar’ will grace their lips. I hope so. Because I am. A God Dammed one at that.

They’ll remember the cracked form barely turning the pedals earlier. They’ll remember how easily they walked away on the climbs. It’s just a downhill sprint. Like proving you’re the fastest one down a slide. Gravity Assisted Glory.

One last look and I see the headlights scrambling. It’s too late now and with my last push I let myself coast the last twenty or so feet. We’re back at it. Back in the thick of things. We pat each other’s backs and split off on our own ways. Our garage doors open and close. We click/clack across our kitchen floors. The world never knew of the violent race in it’s midst.

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