Things! Events! Other Various Announcements!

Things have been happening.

First off, I must apologize for the lack of regular updates. The Musette is something I take seriously. Sometimes too seriously, and when that happens I tend to give it all up in favor other other endeavors. That said, I’m going to keep posting here. That is not going to change.

What is going to change, however, is everything else.

First up: Podiumwear is bringing the heat again. I’ve been asked by a few of you if I have any Musette Kit leftover from our first printing. I don’t, but we have enough interest to do another printing. If you’re looking to buy some, head on over to this link: The password is ‘Musette’. Prices are listed and the best part is this time they’ll ship it right to you. I’ve been super pleased with mine, and I hope you’ll dig yours.

Second: This Sunday Southside Sprint returns. This was the first race I did after I broke my shoulder last year, and despite getting dropped three separate times, it was still my favorite event. Metropolitan Criterium Racing sounds super high class, and it sure is. I’ll be there in the morning helping out with the cornering clinic and coaching in the Category 5/Citizen race. Come say ‘Hey’.

Third: There are a lot of projects in the works. Projects that I’ll elaborate on in later posts. One of my favorites is getting to work with Joshua Kruck of Three Stars Cycles. He is a sir among sirs, and his brazing speaks for itself. There will be more about this gentleman shortly.

Last: Like all of you, I’ve been trying to get out and get riding more than anything else. I’ll be posting up if any of ya’ll would like to join up with me. Follow Twitter/Facebook for more details.

Thanks for being apart of this, I’m really excited for the next few months.

Ride Local,

– MM


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