A Sophomore Effort: The Ox Yoke 124

Butter cakes and a double shot should be a requirement before every ride. Taco Johns is a horrible mid-ride stop. Trails in central Minnesota can – and will – disappear without warning. No matter how tired you are, you can always dig a little bit to get that town sign sprint. If you talk about it enough, your tire will eventually flat.

These lessons and more defined the second Ox Yoke 124. Yet again, we headed out for Hutchinson via the Luce Line and spent a hot Summer’s day getting back. Yet again, Ox Yoke followed the Almanzo’s lead and stayed with much the same weather. Hot and Dusty were to be the modus operandi for the day’s effort. Next year, we’ll return to the early season ‘prep ride’ that the Ox Yoke works so well as and leave the biting flies and dusty trails for others, I think. I betcha my Mom will bring cookies again too. 

A big thanks to Dave Bucklin, Ken Early, John Hoch and Randall Dietel for coming out and taking part. 

I’m pretty sure we hit around 124, right? 

If not, it’s good enough for me. 

– MM


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