200K and then also 100K

‘Because it’s there.’ 

This phrase has been uttered countless times about mountains. Really, any stupid thing you could think about doing, this phrase has been used to justify it. A particularly hard ride? How about three dozen doughnuts in one sitting? It works just as well for both. Reason has nothing to do with this justification; existence has everything to do with it.

That said, we’re coming up on another ‘Mountain’ of sorts. The Ox Yoke 124 (Give-Or-Take) is coming up this July 14th. Out to Huchinson, MN and back. My favorite ride. But then something else came up. Something I couldn’t pass up. The MN Major River-To-River Ride.

Granted, the name leaves a little to be desired, but the event itself is a great idea. I’m not one for charity rides usually, but this makes sense. A fifty dollar entry fee is required, which is just under the cost of two road races. No USAC points here. No glory to be found. But every cent of that fifty dollar bill is going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It’s going directly to making sick kids lives easier and better.

So a pretty okay place for it to go, right?

And sure, you can raise money. And there are incentives for doing so (including some SICK Oakleys). But really, just going to the event helps these kids out. Pretty cool.

A little overview of the event:
– Takes place July 15th 
– Charity Ride put on by Target in conjunction with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Livestrong
– $50 Entry Donation
25 mile (Let’s be honest, you’re not doing this one) or 100 kilometer ride options along the scenic St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers
– After ride BBQ
– You can learn more/register at http://www.mnmajor.com

Now, you might say that’s the day after the Ox Yoke 124. And you’d be right. And I’m still going to do this. Despite the fact that I might cry.

 ‘Because it’s there.’

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