Pleasant Street KOM – Recap/Photos

All photos courtesy of Musette photographer – Anthony Kwan

So it has come and gone.

The first Pleasant Street KOM has happened. 24 racers gathered last Sunday morning to partake in what looked to be a wet mess. Fortunately, Ma Nature smiled upon this endeavor and held back her worst. A wet tarmac and few drizzles the extent of the damage. From 10 AM till the last heat around 11:15, some of the very best our local racing has to offered beat themselves senseless up a hill repeatedly.

Pretty fun to watch, or so I was told. 

At the end of the day we had two winners. Megan Barr for the Ladies and Adam Gorski for the Dudes. Fast climbers those two. I hope they enjoy that champagne.

Next time it’ll be smoother. Next time the decisions will be snappier, the outline less fuzzy, the Race better prepared for it’s Racers. But talking gets you nowhere, and that’s the spirit in which the KOM was founded. So there will be a next time, that much is certain.

Thank you to Podiumwear, Omnium Bike Shop, Banjo Brothers, Gabe the Official, Anthony the Photographer and Minx the Podium Girl. You’re the ones that made this happen, no doubt about it.

See you next time, Racers.

– MM

  1. Paul said:

    I may not ride like Voeckler, but I can steal his look.

    • Aaron Smith said:

      Paul you did great man. Good to have you apart of the race.

  2. Ol' Dirty Biker said:

    Best pain face?

    • Aaron Smith said:

      Easily Paul Feng. He’ll grab his prize this next Sunday.

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