Interview: The Blue and Red

The Blue and Red is a photo blog that defines ‘Ride Local’. Edited by Mr. Jordan Clark Haggard, it’s a photographic record of life as a top-level amateur in California. His photos do more than a million of my words put together, and show a love and respect for the roads which he spins down daily. Mr. Haggard was kind enough to respond to a few of my questions. Enjoy.


(All photos courtesy of Mr. Jordan Clark Haggard)

MM: Who are you? 

JCH: That is a tough question.  I used to be a cyclist with a interest in photography.  Now I am more of a photographer, who rides when ever I can find a little free time.

MM: What do you do (outside of cycling)?

JCH: The most interesting answer is that I am a newly wed.  I got married to my long term girlfriend this past weekend!  It is pretty awesome.  Now that that’s over, I spend a lot of time hiking and walking the dog.  I also like to make furniture and try to maintain a small garden.

MM: What do you do (in regards to cycling)?

JCH: I ride road bikes, cross bikes, and mountain bikes.  I used to race a lot of road, but have not been able keep a steady training schedule as I have gotten more busy as a photographer.  Most evenings I am either working on one of my bikes or one of my friends.

MM: The Blue and Red – What is it to you?

JCH: The Blue and Red is my attempt to share all the wonderful, unique things I see and experience, while on my bicycle, with others.

MM: Favorite ride in California? 

JCH: There are too many to narrow it down to just one.  I love living on the East Side of Los Angeles.  From my door step I can ride to the beach, or take any number of roads high into the Angeles Forest.  I am also able to ride to a ton of great Mountain bike trails.  The weather is almost always great, not too hot or cold and there is a very strong community of riders.

MM: Your favorite photograph that you’ve posted up?

JCH: My Favorite is a black and white landscape I took from a turn out, half way up Glendora Mountain Road.  It looks over the San Gabriel Resevore into the Valley.  You can see San Gabriel Canyon Road snaking around the water, making its way up the mountain.  (Photo Below)


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