Wake up.

Convince yourself it’s worth leaving the sheets. Fail. Continue to try and convince yourself. Eventually succeed. Leave the warm bed and make your way to the bathroom. Shower. Scrub. Shave (preferably the night before). Brush teeth. Rub eyes. Yawn.

Just a little granola with some milk. Less than before. An apple. Yogurt? Take it out but you won’t eat it. Just let it sit while you plan your route. Pick East. Heart Rate strap under bibs. Warmers? The Weatherman says yes. Jersey over the top. Vest for now. Your favorite hat. Your dinged helmet. The only pair of sunglasses without mud caked on them. The socks. The shoes. Clip. Clop.

Keys, Wallet, Phone. One bud in, the other out. Fill your bottles. Lock the door. Zip the vest. Clip. Clop. Open the garage. There She sits.

Lube the chain. Pump the tires. Take it down from the peg. Throw a leg over. Check the Heart Rate Monitor and click the button. 00:00:01.



  1. cd said:

    why would you lube your chain before riding? that just splatters lube all over your bike.

    • Aaron Smith said:

      As I am horrible about doing this, and it was raining I chose splatter over rusty cassette.

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