Here on the Musette I tend to go on about how great our little state is for cycling. Part of (see: most of) what makes this true is the people that make up our community. It’s a small group, but enthusiasm runs rampant. Which sometimes leads to things. Things like #30Days.

I first met Pat when I was still working at Freewheel Midtown. He came in on a very beat up Steamroller looking for a smoothie. The very first thing I noticed about Pat was his attitude. There was nothing about cycling that he wasn’t excited about, which in turn, made me stoked. He told me about his baby, a thing called 30 Days Of Biking.

Cycling has always been an adventure to me, as I believe it is for many people who ride often. Sometimes, although, this can get lost in the shuffle of ‘hip’ or ‘PRO’ and it’s a shame. We’re looking to identify ourselves, to distance ourselves from the everyday rider that we’ll buzz by them without even a greeting. I’ll admit that I’m no better than any other ‘roadie’ and have buzzed my share of commuters, but it’s certainly not something I’m proud of and work on every day. At its core, and despite what a certain Texan says, cycling is all about the bike. It’s not about what that bike is made of, or how it’s set up, it’s about how the bike is a tool. What kind of tool? A tool for change.

Change for yourself, change for your community, change for the world at large. That’s what makes #30Days so special. It’s about taking that microcosm that is your daily life and using it to better this macro-system that we all live and work in. By taking every day in April and making the commitment to ride a bike, you open yourself up to possibilities not found in your typical day to day. In turn, this positivity obtained by turning those two wheels can propel you to better your community and with enough momentum, even the world.

A “serious” racing cyclist (such as myself and others who take part in events sanctioned by acronym-laden committees) has much to gain by making the pledge to ride their bike every day for one month. You’ll find the bike to be much more than a race implement, much more than that steed you work to the bone. You’ll find a friend. Something true and honest. Something reliable. And who among us can say reliability is something they have enough of?

Go here: http://30daysofbiking.com/ – Sign up. Become apart of something bigger than yourself. Make a difference in your own life and others. Ride your bike. Smile. Maybe drink some beer. You’ll be glad you did. I can promise you’ll see me out there, looking like an idiot and loving every minute of it.

So thanks Pat. I hope you liked your smoothie.


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