The Traditional ‘It’s Nice Out’ Post

We have once again arrived at that magical point. The light at the end of the tunnel no longer feels out of reach. We’ve made it to the first suggestion of Spring. Warm weather, great riding, the retirement of the studs for another season – it’s enough to inspire a sonnet.

But poet is not a name I’ve ever taken and so I’m left with a blog for a medium to express my joy/delirium at having made it through another Minnesotan Winter.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have that first day off. Mr. O’Brien, Mr. Kruck, Ms. Barr and myself met up at a certain Angry Catfish and headed on out. A short trip to St. Paul and back was the decided en route. Dry fannies were not to be found, but jokes were plentiful. Laughter is the only way to fight a soaked chamois, at least in my experience. Mr. Kruck and O’Brien did their best to dish out the suffering, and it was good to feel some fire in my lungs once again. Heading down High Bridge we saw St. Paul in all her glory, that is until O’Brien fired off a round and I was right back at chewing on my stem.

After a quick jaunt up the Pleasant St. we headed on over to Omnium Bike. If you’re not aware, this is my new place of employment. A gentleman came in and I introduced myself. Tom was his name and he told a story as old as time – his once beloved bicycle was stolen. In need of a new one, I explained the benefits/costs of our various velocipedes and quickly got him on a test ride. Finished with our visit, we headed on out and were stoked to see Tom ripping around the block with his new friend. Later I would discover he had gone home with it. Truly the cherry on a perfect ride.

The past two years I’ve written something similar to this at a similar time. The euphoria that accompanies this seasonal change drives a lot of aspects of our local cycling scene. Whether that’s the front-loaded road schedule or seeing short sleeves and bibs when it’s 50 degrees or just the same damn blog post – it’s all about one thing.

It’s time to get rad, brah. 

  1. Willy said:

    #LuckyCat and I would like to remind you, don’t taunt the weather.

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