The 5-Track: Hot Mess

If you’ve been following the Musette since our inception, you know of Mr. Krawczyk’s contributions. He’s recently been on a kick where anything less than three hours on the bike isn’t ‘worth it’. Here’s what keeps him in the saddle spinning. Be sure to look for him at the front of the 1/2’s this next season – you can’t miss him.


Brandon Krawczyk

Been about a year, but I’m still riding with headphones. Spring is Springin’ and all that mess (what with the fenders, road spray, and grime getting everywhere). Chosen for their propulsive rhythm sections, these five tracks should help eject you from that trainer and out into that gritty warm mess. Rubber side down!

Future Islands – Find Love
WU LYF – Spitting Blood
NewVillager – Black Rain
Foster the People – Houdini
Yellow Ostrich – Marathon Runner

1 comment
  1. athenabikes said:

    For a song with great flow to listen to on the singletrack, I find it hard to top “The Sea is Rising” by Bliss N Eso.

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