‘It Might As Well Be Spring’

Wow. Another amazing Tiny Bike Shop Concert put on by the gentlemen of Banjo Brothers. This time around, I was lucky enough to be counted amongst the ‘sponsors’ of the event. Although I ended up failing at my duty (namely manning the Webber), Mr. Gene stepped in and took over. The hot dogs and brats were saved and I was free to snap some photos.

The Tiny Bike Shop Concert as a concept has always intrigued me, but it’s the execution that always blows me away. Amazing how a simple neighborhood event can bring so many people together to celebrate the good things in life. Dan kicked us off with a rendition of the Mr. Rogers theme song, which was amazing. I had an epiphany about accordions lately that I’ll leave for another post (spoiler alert: they’re stupid rad).

And if you haven’t come to one of these yet, you really should. To see cycling, music and tubed meats bringing people together – there’s just nothing better.

So thank you Banjo Brothers, Calhoun Cycle, O2 Rainwear and Linus Bikes for putting on an amazing event. Keep em comin’ guys – I’ll be there with shirts and a misplaced sense of optimism regarding grilling.

– MM


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