Pleasant St. Start List

So here they are, ready one and all. You’ll notice that we’re missing just a few (three men and one lady). This is due to a separate women’s field being added. The men’s slots are full, but I still need one intrepid woman. Who’s in? 


Men’s Start List: Pleasant St. KOM 2012

  1. Zak Mohr
  2. Brandon Krawczyk
  3. Dan Lind
  4. Ryan Hall
  5. Phil Clark
  6. Robert Danneker
  7. Matt Montesano
  8. James Kauth
  9. ‘Mongo’
  10. Mike Moriarity
  11. Ryan Krug
  12. Chris Smith
  13. Matt Duer
  14. Dave Bucklin
  15. Scott Bentrup
  16. Isaac Young
  17. Jeremy Ames
  18. Fred Mills
  19. Jeff Zayer
  20. Steve Pippin
  21. Adam Gorski
  22. Mark Brinda
  23. Gary Underdahl
  24. Eric Shoutz
  25. Ben Cox
  26. Richard Werbowenko
  27. Spencer Haugh
  28. Brandon Whittey
  29. Steve Hirsh
  30. Tyson Mcelvain
  31. Nate Swanberg
  32. Caleb Donaldson
  33. Chris Fischer
  34. Nick Boisen
  35. Brian Karpen
  36. Brian Bice

Women’s Start List: Pleasant St. KOM 2012

  1. Jen Rife
  2. Megan Barr
  3. Jenifer Fischer
  4. Martha Flynn
  5. Kate Olson
  6. Terra James
  1. Randy L. said:

    Go Birchwood, way to represent!!

  2. Ty said:

    Ugh – there are some real racers on that list.

  3. Kendra said:

    I hope to be there to take some peekctures!

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