The shop’s been there for as long as I can remember. It’s changed hands a couple of times, changed faces as well, but it’s still always known as the ‘Bike Shop’. When it’s the only one for sixty miles, specifics tend to fall by the wayside.

You walk in and it’s mostly laid out before you. Do you need a helmet? Well, we have those to your right. Maybe it’s time for nice bike for junior? Look on over to your left. I think I’ve only seen one pair of bib shorts, and I believe they’ve been around since before I left town.

But when you live in a small town, wearing bibs probably isn’t the best idea. I know whenever I duck-walk into the local Dunn Brothers (a relatively new addition, I might add) I feel a little intimidated. This is not to say that Hutchinson discourages cycling, but it is warming up to it in it’s own way. I rather enjoy people who are slow to welcome anyways. Just ask us about the time Cub Foods tried to come to town (we still have our Cash Wise, thank you very much).

At Chad’s, it doesn’t matter. Those who ride their bike for fitness, transportation or just plain fun in the area all know of the shop and have probably spent plenty of time there shooting the shit. He’ll do what he can and get you on your way. In this way, it is my favorite shop. I do not hear a sales pitch when I walk through the door. I usually hear a ‘Well, Aaron Smith you son of a bitch!’ which does more to put me at ease than any words eloquently spoken about stiffness and compliance. A true small town shop.

Plus, every Friday is cookie day. Well worth the sixty mile trip in my opinion.

If you ever find yourself out in Hutch and need a tube or just an oasis in a sea of corn – go check out Outdoor Motion ( Wednesday’s are All-You-Can-Eat Wing day at the next door VFW, and there’s nothing better than talking about bikes while eatin’ cheap buffalo wings. I guarantee it. 


EDIT: Apparently cookie day is 10:30 AM on Thursdays. Please do not show up on Friday expecting mom made cookies. They will most likely be devoured. 


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