UMCT: All Day, All Night

Those crazy kids over at the UofM went and did something awesome this past weekend.

Friday through Saturday, those intrepid souls got on their trainers and did a twenty-four hour bike-a-thon. The ‘Ride for Research’ supported the American Cancer Society and raised $3,000 to help find a cure. Collectively, they also managed to put down 2,000 miles, which is no small feat. Pretty rad if you ask me.

I headed on over around midnight on Friday (the halfway point) and spirits were high. They’re all lookin’ mighty fit – I’m stoked to see what they’ll come up with in this year’s collegiate season.

A well deserved pat on the back for ya’ll, UMCT. Keep up the good work.

If you’re interested in learning more about UMCT or collegiate cycling in general (and how awesome it is) go on and check out their website: If only I didn’t spend my college years doing something stupid like drawing nude women and spent it doing something awesome, like sitting in a van for fourteen straight hours.

Oh, what might have been. 

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