Light Blue Polo and Khakis

There is more than one location of the Turtle Bread Company. In fact, there are Turtle Bread Companies. An important distinction. A distinction that Google Maps failed to make for me the evening before. A distinction I discovered halfway through purchasing my sticky bun and cup of tea.

I set down my tea and ran off with a sticky bun. Emily was already waiting at the other. Shit.

After educating myself on pluralization and navigating the maze that is the Northern Suburbs with Miss Good we finally made our way to the Officials Clinic. This clinic was being put on by our local governing body, the Minnesota Cycling Federation, in order to inform and educate on the finer points of being a USAC licensed Official. Promoting a race this next year (a sanctioned one) has me considering all sorts of weird and odd ways to cut costs and increase value. We (Mr. Scott Bentrup, myself and the greater Birchwood Bike Team) have an interest in putting on a kick ass event. In light of this, Emily and I found ourselves sacrificing a beautiful Saturday to the God of USAC (also known as Bruce).

It has been a long time since I’ve taken part in education of any regulated sort. Powerpoints, early morning classes, sitting, pencils, etc… these are things which do not agree with me. Conversation, however, keeps my interest. Bruce made sure to pepper his presentation with both, which was enough to keep me awake and invested. Making our way through the USAC handbook, I felt like I was seeing a structure being built around me. No longer were rules an enigma – the theater of Cat 3’s yelling about how much better they ‘knew’ that enigma than another. Now they were defined, most often simple and easily understood. Moreover, the class and Bruce’s discussion led to many breakthroughs with my own race planning. It was enlightening to know what the Officials would require from me as a Race Director.

I took the test and passed, as did Miss Good. We both walked out of there with a rule book, a lovely USAC pin and a certification. Bruce had done what I thought would be impossible, he made the idea of officiating a race seem almost as fun as racing the race. Huh.

At least I look good in a light blue polo.

See you out there, racers.


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