Pleasant Street KOM

How about we make a deal?

Tell you what – we’ll put on a Hill ITT (Individual Time Trial) in April. Fastest Bro and Lady get trophies made by the one and only Erik Noren (Yup, Mr. Deep Custom himself). Other swag from the Musette, The Fix Studio and Banjo Brothers will go to those who might not be as quick.

Not good enough?

How about we’ll have Musette photographer, Anthony Kwan on hand to capture all those wonderful pain faces you’re going to make? How about we have a competition for the best and post the winners up here?

Still pushing, huh?

Afterwards, we’ll head on over to Omnium Bike and catch the Amstel Gold Race (which, luckily enough, is going on that day). Watch a cool race after killing yourself to get up a hill. Mr. Waffle Truck will also be on hand (The Bikery) to provide tasty goodies at the shop. This should take place around Noon.

And what do we want from you?

Just show up with your favorite weapon (road bike would be a good idea, but hell bring a Pugsley if you want to) and a six pack of beer. 9 AM on Sunday April 15th. Bottom of Ramsey.

Get rad.

– MM

  1. Jessica said:

    Do you need a custom clothing sponsor? Podiumwear would love to make some jerseys for the winners.

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