The Ox Yoke 124

EDIT: This is now taking place this July 14th, 2012. Apologies for the reschedule. 

It’s back.

To Hutchinson, MN from Minneapolis, MN and back. 124 miles, give or take.

Last year we discovered how Mother Nature can be less than accommodating. A beautiful ride out on well packed gravel. We only questioned whether we should turn around once (okay, maybe twice). When Hurl pulled out his phone in Watertown and saw a wall of green on the radar just across the street that might have been our red flag. We might have ended the day drier, but perhaps with some regret. Of course we did decide to press on, so that’s beside the point. Sloshy shoes and all, it was a pretty good day. One of my better rides of 2011 that’s for certain (’11 Recap to be found here).

The Brass Tacks:

This is a ride – Not a race. One or two groups will form, but the idea is to complete the route as safetly and as quickly as possible. Three stops will be enforced for regroup, one in Wayzata, Hutchinson and St. Boni on the way back.

If you do not feel up to doing 124 miles on pavement, you’re probably not going to feel up to doing 124 miles with gravel and horse trail mixed in.

The Map

July 14th is the ride – start time to be determined.

Food will be procured at the midpoint stop in Hutchinson, but feel free to bring along as many bars and gels that you may require to make it through the day. I feel like I should not have to write this, but endeavor to eat and drink as much as possible. Bonking is a horrible sensation and I don’t want it befalling any who choose to undertake this.

It’s free, no cost to participate, but there is a rider cap of 25. If you are interested in doing this, please email me at and let me know so I can get you on the list.

You are responsible for bringing along tubes/tires/kit to keep yourself going. A full extra tube (not just patches) is recommended as the Luce Line tends to be an unwilling accomplice.

Speaking of gear, this is doable on road bikes with tires of 25c or greater. They are recommended, but CX rigs should do the job just as well (gears if you’d be so kind).

Any other questions/concerns please feel free to email me at and I’ll answer promptly.

So who’s with me?

  1. Gregorio Ramirez said:

    I want to join this ride. It will be great training for the upcoming 12hr races

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