Naked Isn’t Cool

So we’re here to help.

I’ve designed kits for a couple of local squads starting with UMCT in 2009. Figured it was about time to design one for all the crazy shit I plan on doing in 2012. Maybe you’re doing some pretty crazy shit this next year too? Wearing clothes that work on a bicycle is probably a good idea. Gotcha covered, brah.

The kit will be made by Champion System. The jersey will be sixty dollars and the bibs will be eighty. S&H is included in that price, but if you’re local I’ll most likely just bring them to you myself. I’m going to stop taking orders at the end of February, or when we hit thirty orders. Whichever comes first.

Spandex not your scene?


Heather grey with white, blue and red logo. Puppy soft American Apparel. Twenty dollars. Once I reach twenty preorders this goes to the printers and I hand deliver this bad boy to your front door (or ship it, if you live far far away).

I’m pretty stoked. Hope you are too.

– MM

UPDATE: As PayPal has decided not to play nice with my page and allow me the pretty buttons, I will instead work with email/physical monetary transactions. If you’re interested in a Kit/T-Shirt send me an email at with item you want, size information and whatnot. I’ll send you an invoice *or* you can just give me the cash in person if you happen to see me often. Thanks! 

    • Leslie Newman said:

      I can deliver to the Fix to class!

  1. Aaron Smith said:

    Money will be figured out this evening, my apologies. Will hand deliver to Eagan myself, Mr. Krug. But only if I get pie.


  2. Robbie Halvorson said:

    I can make it worth the trip if you deliver to San Jose!

  3. Aaron Smith said:

    Holy snap Rob, that would be amazing.

  4. Megan said:

    These are so much less pink than I imagined they would be.

  5. 2fast4love said:

    i will race you for one.

  6. Jack said:

    I might be a year and half late, but do you have any kits left?

    • Aaron Smith said:

      Not of this, but the next one is coming up. Most likely this next week. Send me an email at aaron (at) omniumbikeshop (dot) com if you’re interested.

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