The Heck

Each race in the AGRS has it’s own special thing that makes it unique. I can’t decide if Heck of the North’s is the lack of farm land and 100% gorgeous scenery; or the miles of snowmobile trails/bog that we race through. Either way, it’s a ton of fun and whoever decided to put this race on in the Fall had their thinking cap on. We took a more leisurely (almost nine hours on the course) pace than typical and really enjoyed taking in the turning of the trees and the beauty that the course had to offer. Mr. Kershaw has done a fantastic job with this race, and I really enjoyed taking part this year. On top of a fantastic course the Duluth folks really open up and welcome us to town. I regret not coming up the night before and hanging out more. I hope my lot will be drawn again next year, and I’ll make sure to spend more time up at the Heck.

Joshua Kruck


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