NVGP: A Quick Word with Team Grandstay

One of the best parts of the Nature Valley Grand Prix is the ability for local and national amateur racers to get the chance to compete with the PROs. These men and women are invited to form composite teams sponsored by local businesses. Team Grandstay, a stalwart of the local 1/2/3 field, formed one such team for local 1’s and 2’s to compete at this years big show. The Musette had the chance to chat with two of their riders just before the Menomonie Road Race. Enjoy! – MM

MM: We’re here with Brandon Krawczyk and Adam Koble of Team Grandstay. These two have been rocking it and flying the flag for Team Grandstay. How’s it going guys?

BK: We’re having a blast out here – racing out here really puts OPUS in perspective. It’s so much fun, it’s a great learning experience. The teams out here really are at another level. The crowds are good. The best part of the race is that at the end of it you get to hand out water bottles to kids, they love it!

MM: So we know who Brandon is (It’s All Mental) but Mr. Koble you’re from where exactly?

AK: I’m from Waseca, MN but I ride for a team out of Denton, TX – Planet Athletic Cycling Club (PAC) and they gave me permission to head up here and fly the flag at the home race.

MM: How did the criterium go for you all last night? (Uptown)

AK: Awesome. It was a blast. I don’t think either of us had spectacular results but we both had a lot of fun and that’s what we’re after.

BK: It’s pretty fun to set up behind the United Healthcare train and just watch those guys work. It’s relatively easy  – I mean it’s the hardest thing you’re doing – it’s unreal. You’re just rocking along at 30 miles an hour the whole time sitting 10th or 12th.

AK: Or 40th.

BK: Haha, yeah.

MM: What it like with the whole PRO experience? Having the caravan around you and all of that?

BK: We have another guy from a Wisconsin team with us, Ben Anderson and he’s just been an outstanding workhorse for us. Two days ago at Canon Falls he saved all our bacon by managing to slug six water bottles and bring them up to us just as things were about to get really spicy. Things like that, you know you watch that online and to actually do it is just something else. It’s a really great experience.

AK: I haven’t taken any water bottles yet or a wheel from the car, luckily. To just have the whole support of the local community, such as Ian Stanford (HED cycling liason) lending us wheels. Everyone’s just come out of the woodwork and really helped us out a ton.

MM: We’ll let you guys get spinning and ready for the race – what’s the plan for today? 

BK: Win. Just kidding, we’re just going to race. Try and get some Grandstay names out on the race radio. You know, get out there and have fun.

MM: Thanks for talking guys – good luck out there today!


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