Ox Yoke 124: Recap/Photos

What a ride. The inaugural Ox Yoke 124 headed out at 6 AM west and made it’s way to Hutchinson, MN via the Luce Line in search of a good time. If anything – we found that.

Sprinkled doughnuts, some heartfelt vandalization, a whole mess of espresso shots, a couple of flats, a refuel and hug (thanks mom), some ‘gravel’ trail, so much rain it didn’t matter anymore, a horrible gas station pizza and it’s over. There is so much mud in my ears, you guys. 

To Hurl, Greg, Josh, Jessie and Brian – thanks for giving it a shot. Hope to ride with ya’ll again soon.

Next year – better weather. Maybe. 

  1. Jeremy Norton said:

    How did you make it to Hutchinson once the Luce turned to corn field in Winsted? I was out Saturday w. smaller cross tires and about half a mile of cornstalk broke my spirit. Sorry to miss it. Glad you ripped it up. Perhaps next time.

    • Aaron Smith said:

      There’s a detour you can take to avoid the cornfield. Last time I took it, I ended up taking that same route and it was miserable. After about a mile it turns back to useable trail.

      Would be glad to have you along – We’ll have more rides up shortly. Next one, I believe, will be shorter and will include beer/burgers.

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