“How Empty…”

Bag. Bike. Car. Friends. ‘Hey, how are you feeling?’. Tactics (Dreams). Tunes. Bar. Bottle. Swig. Close. Registration table. Pen. License. More money I don’t have. Pin. Pin. Pin. Pin. Pin and poke. Bibs. Jersey. Warmers. Helmet. Shoes. Glasses. ‘Got a pump?’. ‘Hey, leave that out.’. Pump. Check. Pump. Spin. Call-up. Line-up. ‘Legs?’. ‘Riders Ready’. Clip. Whistle. Go.

Spin. Shift. Spin harder. Right turn. Spin harder. Shift. Shift. Click. Whir. Whoosh. Cough. Someone leaves. Click. Click. Whir. Someone comes back. Left turn. Hisssss. ‘On the left.’. Climb. Climb harder. Hate yourself for that extra slice. Click. Settle in. Right turn. Whir. Whir. Whir. Spin less. Miles. Miles. Miles. Click. Shift. Bottle. Swig. Get on the wheel. Stay on the wheel. Duck down. Get aero. Right turn. Spin. Click. Shift. Spin. Up. Down. Up again.

He goes. Follow. Goes again. Follow. Five left. Fourth wheel. Now. Click. Shift. Shift. Shift. Spin. Spin harder. Spin hardest. In front. 100 to go. 90 to go. Off the front. Spin. Spin now. Spin because it won’t matter later. 50 to go. Time slows. Shift. Pain. 30. Suffering. Questioning. 10. Not now. Keep going. Spin. They pass. Line. Finish. Fifth. Click.


Hand pat. ‘Good race.’.


Unclip. Towel. Jeans. Shirt. Sweater. Pin. Pin. Pin. Pin. Pin. Pack. Bag. Car. Friends. Recap (Reality).

Chocolate Milk.

  1. Thom said:

    Some of your best writing yet son. I like the pace of it, the meter. The feeling. Like I’m there, in the saddle.


  2. ghost said:

    I think that’s a brilliant recap…especially “someone leaves”

  3. Mongo said:

    I think I caught a whiff of bike racing epiphany just over the horizon.

    Keep hammering.

  4. peter said:

    describes a day in a racers eyes.

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