Brandon Krawczyk

Let’s take a look at the forecast for the upcoming Durand RR. It’s going to be miserable!

Or is it?

For those participating, it looks as if it is going to be cold. And windy – most likely snowing. Are these not the best conditions for a true spring classic? All three of these factors will separate the hard men (and ladies) from the park fill. It’s going to be a race of attrition. As a reasonable facsimile of a Dutch proverb goes: The wind blows the weak to the back and pulls the strong to the front.

I love it.

The thing about racing (and doing well) during inclement weather is that you must be ready. I mean, you can be prepared – and then you can be prepared. The first part just has to do with your physical needs: nutrition, rain jackets, tire pressure, gloves, booties, the like. Make sure you have your shit together! The crucial part is the mental adjustment it takes to race in absolute garbage, the worst riding conditions of your life where the headwinds put you into the red at twelve miles per hour and the cross winds put you into the ditch. The fact is, when you are out there suffering in heat of the race, everyone else is feeling about the same. It’s just as true when the weather is soul-suckingly awful.

Maybe I don’t like racing when the weather outside is frightful, but I love that others hate it. People get spooked in the rain and wind. Use it to your advantage, turn those screws, pop ’em off the back: win.

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  1. ghost said:

    Digging it b-man…looks like opus and kw intend to cooperate

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